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Santos Dubai kitchens

Santos’s standard

Santos offers as standard the 81 cm high base unit with 60 cm deep drawers that can hold up to 65 kgs. This design increases storage capacity and allows better organization, saving time and unnecessary movements.

Organise the most frequently used utensils


Santos Dubai kitchens

First level drawers: The modular and compartmentalized pull-out trays, made of natural wood, make it easier to arrange the most frequently used items.

Second level drawers: Used to store china and food. The china can be organised using Santos’ plate rack system and the food in the combinable boxes.
Third level drawers: Used for storing pots, frying pans and other large kitchen utensils.

Organised, functional and accessible interiors


Santos Dubai kitchens

High units with 180 cm wide sliding doors. A panoramic vision
Tall units with 180 cm wide sliding doors provide interiors that are more organised, functional and accessible.


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