We want our kitchens to last a lot of years

Certified quality

top_santos-calidad-certificadaAlthough we cannot stop time, we offer the maximum quality so that our kitchens last many years. We bare in mind all the factors that affect the durability of our kitchens and make sure that they comply with the legal requirements and international norms.

EN ISO 9001. Quality Control Management Systems

slide_santos-calidad-certificacion-iso-9001Certifies that Santos has defined a Quality Control System, aimed at achieving the organization’s customer-oriented objectives.

EN ISO 14001. Environmental Management Systems

slide_santos-calidad-certificacion-iso-14001-gestion-ambientalCertifies that Santos implements an Environmental Management Systems that guarantees the environment is protected.

OHSAS 18001. Health and Safety at Work Management System

slide_santos-calidad-certificacion-ohsas-18001-seguridad-saludAcknowledges the effort undergone by Santos to ensure risk prevention at work guaranteeing the constant application of the strictest criteria when applying worker’s health and safety regulations.

PEFC: Sustainable Forest Management Certification

slide_santos-calidad-certificacion-forestal-pefcGuarantees that the raw materials used to manufacture our kitchens come from sustainable forests from an environmental, economical and social standpoint.

CE Certification for electrical power systems

slide_santos-calidad-certificacion-ce-sistemas-electricosDenotes compliance of our electrical systems with EU legislation.

Laboratory quality controls

slide_santos-calidad-control-laboratorioIn our quality control laboratory we carry out tests during all the manufacturing process so that we can certify the quality of our products.

Resistance tests

slide_santos-calidad-pruebas-durabilidadOur experience has driven us to concentrate on the aspects that are important to guarantee our product’s quality and durability.

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