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top_santos-innovacion-intra-cajones-sin-tiradorAt Santos we understand the kitchen as a space that needs to be constantly analysed and reinterpreted, searching for new solutions that help us evolve. From this standpoint, we develop solutions that adapt to life’s reality. Discover some of them.

MINOS series, beauty and functionality

slide_santos-innovacion-minos-tirador-ocultoThe MINOS model’s concealed handle makes the fronts more attractive and easier to clean. The pure lines are accentuated by the use of white in the different elements used: profile, handle, front and plinth.

INTRA, design and innovation

slide_santos-innovacion-intra-frentes-sin-tiradorThe total absence of a handle is one of the main characteristics of the INTRA model. Santos has developed an innovative opening system where the units’ profile is adapted so it acts as a handle.

Handles that make access and cleaning easier

slide_santos-innovacion-intra-tiradores-funcionalesSantos offers exclusive handles, designed to make access to the inside of units and cleaning easier.

Lighting solutions

slide_santos-innovacion-soluciones-de-iluminacionSantos offers functional and beautiful lighting systems for work areas and also for the interior of wall and tall units.

Coplanar unit with drawers

slide_santos-innovacion-mueble-coplanar-con-cajonesThe lower part of the unit contains wooden boxes that help keep things tidy and enable the storage of food and other objects that are used on a daily basis in the kitchen.

Coplanar unit with wooden racks

slide_santos-innovacion-mueble-coplanar-con-parrillasThe unit’s interior is equipped with reversible beech wooden shelves. The optional glass surface makes it possible to store elements with a small base, preventing them from falling over.

Roller-shutter unit with a unique construction

slide_santos-innovacion-mueble-persianaWhilst the front of traditional shutter units roll up around a spindle inside the unit itself taking up valuable space, the system designed by Santos slides back over the top and down the back of the unit without wasting a single inch of the interior space.

Laundry units

slide_santos-innovacion-muebles-para-lavanderiaSantos offers many solutions to convert part of the kitchen into a laundry: a specific unit for the washing machine and dryer, an ironing unit, a unit for cleaning products, a laundry bag unit etc.

Multifunction trolley

slide_santos-innovacion-carro-multifuncionMade in aluminium and birch wood, it is equipped with wheels with an incorporated brake. It can be moved easily and swiftly on any surface.

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