Melamine UMBRA-E

The handle, reduced to a minimum expression

top_santos-cocinas-umbra-e-estratificado-espacios-integradosWhile one of the kitchen’s walls houses the wall and base units, the wall situated directly in front houses the tall units that go up to the ceiling. This layout enables the kitchen, living room and dining room to be grouped together in a large space that is full of light.

A handle that can hardly be seen

slide_santos-cocinas-umbra-e-estratificado-tirador-ocultoThe UMBRA’s opening system is characterized by its discretion: the handle is reduced to a minimum expression and remains practically concealed from sight.

The warmth of wood

slide_santos-cocinas-umbra-e-estratificado-tirador-discretoThe Medium Walnut laminated worktop gives warmth to the kitchen and combines perfectly with the table and chairs in the dining area.

Interior light in cascade


Florescent light installed in the back of the unit produces a beautiful cascade effect. A simple and elegant solution designed exclusively by Santos.

Making even more use of the space

slide_santos-cocinas-umbra-e-estratificado-modulacion-a-techoUp to the ceiling units
The tall unit area, with units that reach the ceiling, integrates ovens, the fridge and the freezer as well offering ample spaces for storing goods.


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