Melamine ARIANE 2

Comfortable and peaceful atmosphere

The renovation of this kitchen has managed to meet present day criteria whilst conserving traces of it’s past. Although the interior was redistributed to gain more light and space, some original elements, such as the roof beams and the windows, were maintained. The materials, colours and natural textures generate a comfortable and relaxed ambience. The linear design achieves a comfortable, bright and functional kitchen adapted to the owner’s new needs.

Interior organisation

Three drawer levels

Doors are avoided in the base units, instead three different drawer levels are used equipped with versatile interior accessories that optimise the space. This system provides a panoramic view of what is inside the drawers making accessing and organising crockery, food and large utensils easier.

Three Levels

small_santos-cocinas-ariane-2-estratificado-roble-cajones-nivel-3 small_santos-cocinas-ariane-2-estratificado-roble-cajones-nivel-2

Level one: The modular and compartmentalized pull-out trays, made of natural wood, make it easier to arrange the most frequently used items.

Level two: The plate rack helps organize the china, the modular boxes increase the storage capacity. The baguette bag offers a functional solution for storing the bread.

Level three: Large utensils such as pots, pans or frying pans can be organized. It is possible to equip it with side supplements for drawers that avoid the contents from falling. The drawer dividers help keep lids and frying pans in place. The combinable boxes help with the classification and storage of fruits and vegetables.

Solutions recycling












Solutions that make recycling easier

In just 60 cm width, the sink unit has waste bins and space for organising cleaning accessories .

Solutions large objects


Solutions designed to house large objects

The dimensions and depth of the bottom drawer of an oven unit make it a very versatile space for storing large items such as trays or bottles.

Handleless wall units

slide_santos-cocinas-ariane-2-estratificado-roble-campana-ocultaComfortable and safe opening system
Santos proposes a profile for opening the wall unit so there is no need for a handle. This is achieved by fixing an aluminium profile to the unit that leaves just enough space to pull and open the front comfortably and safely.
Making the most of all the space
The high area has flap door cupboards that hide the hood and also offer extra storage space.
Wall bar for accessories
It offers a wide variety of elements with different functions: shelves, jars or a kitchen roll holder. It is a solution that offers additional storage space for small kitchens.


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