Laminated SEDA

Spacious, bright and functional


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A balance is found in this kitchen through the combination of the materials and colours used. The grey tones of the worktop and the fronts contrast with the warmth of the wooden floor. The carefully selected furniture in the dinning area and the optimum lighting give a fresh touch to a kitchen which is carefully equipped and full of natural light.

More capacity, more organisation


Santos Dubai

Three drawer levels.
The 72.3 cm base units are equipped with three levels of 65 cm deep total pull-out drawers, offer maximum storage capacity and permit better organization, saving time and unnecessary movements.

Up to the ceiling tall unit area


Santos Dubai

To the ceiling units are one way of making the most of all the space available. The modules on top of the tall units have the Mechanic Assisted Opening System incorporated in the door (SAA-M), which is more comfortable when the units are over a certain height.

Very practical details


Santos Dubai

Built-in handles are ideal for smaller kitchens because they create plain fronts that are very easy to clean and avoid accidental bumps.
Table with square legs. Made in matt aluminium with various finishes and sizes so it can be easily integrated into any space.
Multifunction trolley. Made in aluminium and birch wood, it is a practical tool to effortlessly transport dishes from the kitchen another room.

A space for the laundry


Santos Dubai

Increase comfort
It is more and more common to reserve a space in the kitchen for the laundry. There are many possible solutions but the ideal and most comfortable solution is to have an independent and well organized laundry room.


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