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Maximum functionality without forgetting the aesthetics


Santos always aims to achieve maximum functionality without forgetting the aesthetics. The solutions applied to the integration of electrical appliances in the kitchen are a clear example of this.

Aesthetic and functional solutions


Lighting profile with integrated pull-out hood
The lighting profile provides light for working, electrical sockets and a rail for accessories. It also hides the extractable hood, thus maintaining a uniform appearance and making it easier to clean.



Integrated dishwasher
The totally integrated dishwasher is a clear example that proves it is possible to achieve maximum functionality without forgetting aesthetics.
Ventilation system
This discrete system allows the air to circulate in the fridge area, contributes to its correct functioning and prolongs its lifetime.

Solutions to improve accessibility


SAA: Assisted opening system
With the SAA a simple push will open the drawers smoothly, allowing easy access to the inside. Moreover, no storage capacity is lost.
Folding door system
Folding door system
This system means you can work comfortably even with open units, enjoy easy access to their interior, have everything in sight and conceal the kitchen hood.

Solutions to make the most of every little space


Sink unit with an interior drawer
The sink unit equipped with an inner drawer manages to organise four waste bins and the cleaning utensils in just 60 cm.
Reduced plinth
The height of the plinth is reduced to 9 cm to leave more space for the units and to gain extra capacit.


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