Laminated INTRA-L

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Santos Dubai

The kitchen is totally focused on design and combines perfectly with the other rooms of the house. The furniture blends with the house’s architecture due to the use of plain handleless fronts which also reinforce the concept of a space destined not only for cooking.

A tribute to discretion


Santos Dubai

Handleless wall units
Santos has designed an exclusive opening system that is both beautiful and functional thus converting the total absence of a handle in one of the main characteristics of the INTRA model.

Functionality and beauty


Santos Dubai

The importance of a good layout: The perpendicular layout of the island and the tall units makes work in the kitchen easier as the distribution of the storage, washing and cooking areas avoids unnecessary movements.

Up to the ceiling units: The ovens, the fridge, the freezer and spaces for storing goods are concentrated in a reduced space.

Bar handle: It is the most functional type of opening for tall units as it permits easy access to the interior.


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