Lacquered MINOS

An island in 20 square metres



A 20 m² kitchen with wide windows, where white is used for the kitchen furniture so as to make the most of the natural light. The island includes the washing, cooking, storage and eating areas in a reduced space. The tall units include the main electrical appliances.

More integration, more capacity, more functionality

slide_santos-cocinas-minos-lacado-integracion-zonas-trabajoIntegration of work areas
The preparation, cooking, washing and storage areas are concentrated in a small island that also has a bar for breakfast and quick lunches. Thus it is converted into a comfortable, organised and pleasant place to work, where everything is accessible and hardly any movements are necessary.

Vertical stacking Vertical stacking: solution upon solution

slide_santos-cocinas-minos-lacado-encimera-prolongadaVertical stacking provides additional storage space and it allows us to have several electrical appliances in a reduced space. In this case, the oven and the dishwasher have been placed together in a 60 cm wide tall unit, allowing them to be just opposite the washing area.

Pure lines and colour uniformity

slide_santos-cocinas-minos-lacado-frente-tirador-ocultoThe way elements are dealt with
The MINOS series, is known for the purity of its elements. Its concealed handles make the fronts more attractive and also much easier to clean. The pure lines are accentuated by the use of white in the different elements used: profile, handle, front and plinth.


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