Lacquered INTRA

Trendsetting aesthetic solutions

Santos Dubai kitchens

In this project, the architect wanted to achieve a direct connection between the home and its surroundings. The house is situated in a rural, agricultural area which changes its appearance and colours depending on the season. Each one of the windows is converted into a large painting which is always changing. Having such beauty outside, the interior does not need heavily adorned furniture or elements that may distract the attention. The kitchen is directly connected to the dining room although it can remain independent thanks to a sliding door which can separate the two ambiences.

Beauty, functionality and discretion


Santos Dubai kitchens

Handleless wall units
Santos has designed an exclusive opening system that is both beautiful and functional thus converting the total absence of a handle in one of the main characteristics of the INTRA model.

Tall unit area: more solutions in less space


Santos Dubai kitchens

Multiple solutions in one space
Capacity, organisation and functionality
The tall unit area offers multiple solutions all in one place: wooden shelves in the upper part, an additional work area with electrical sockets and lighting and wooden boxes to help organise and store food and objects.
Bar handle
This bar handle, exclusive from Santos, is the most functional for tall units and fits with the finish of the electrical appliances.
Coplanar sliding door system
This system allows doors to open fully, providing greater visibility and easier access to the interior of the unit.
Grills made of beech wood
Equipment for storing porcelain and glassware. The glass surface allows us to store objects with a small base without them falling over.


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