A space for each person

Houses equipped with Santos kitchens
Each person needs to create their own personal space, adapting it to their way of thinking and lifestyle. At Santos we work hard to help this creative process for the kitchen, the real centre of the home. We offer solutions that respond to the needs of each person, home and environment.

Projects in Dubai

Grey basalt and white lacquered MINOS

A comfortable layout
and a cosy lunch area


MINOS-E Horizontal laricio and white seff

Innovation and tradition
in the same kitchen


KARMEL White silk matt

A kitchen integrated in a 
large and luminous space


Gloss white laminated PLANO

From a space used for commercial
purposes to a cosy apartment



Gloss white MINOS-L

Kitchen, dining and sitting
room all in one space



Grey sand MINOS

An ample



Gloss white MINOS

Not a lot of space,
lots of functionality



Gloss white lacquered KARMEL




Anthracite grey MINOS

More than just
a place to cook



Matt silk white KARMEL

Fusion between country
and contemporary styles



Champagne oak ARIANE

Family life moves
to the kitchen



White lacquered MINOS

A kitchen with a
semi-professional spirit



Snow white LINE-L / Glass ALUM-01 PLUS

A uniform
and bright room



HG black lacquered KARMEL and MINOS

The island as the centre
of the kitchen



Black HG lacquered MINOS and vertical teak MINOS-W

Share family moments



Gloss white MINOS-L

A pleasure
for the senses


Seff white MINOS-E

Balance between
beauty and functionality


Cloud grey ARIANE

A comfortable
and cosy space


White seff ARIANE

Many solutions
offered by Santos


Gloss white MINOS-L

Get rid of what
is not necessary