The elegance of glass


Santos Dubai kitchens

The influence of the culture of wellbeing is perceptible. There is a greater need to harmonise our home, eliminating everything that is not necessary. The plain front, without any decoration, transmits serenity and equilibrium. There is nothing that disturbs our view. The glass fronts are a perfect complement. The smoothness of its edges and its cold elegance reinforce the brightness of the white colour.

Optimise the kitchen’s capacity to a maximum


Santos Dubai kitchens

At a glance two levels, really three functional levels. Apparently, the base units in the cooking area have two drawers however, the first level hides an interior drawer that makes the most of the space without affecting the kitchen’s design.
Tall units that reach the ceiling
The up to the ceiling tall units help achieve more storage room and contain many electrical appliances in a reduced space.
Integrated canopy hood.
The canopy hood is more discrete than the traditional kitchen hoods and offers an additional storage area that reaches the ceiling.

Good lighting to make work more comfortable


Santos Dubai kitchens

Lighting profile made in aluminum.
Lighting profile with integrated pull-out hood, correct lighting is an aspect that conditions the level of comfort in a kitchen. The lighting profile, made in aluminium, allows us to work without needing the main kitchen light to be turned on and this helps save energy


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