Melamine ARIANE 2

Enjoy life in the kitchen


In this kitchen everything is designed to make work easier but also to convert it into the centre of the home. Thanks to the kitchen’s distribution and the visual warmth it transmits it has become the room to have family reunions, a perfect place to enjoy life without leaving the home.

More accessible contents


More accessible contents

Santos avoids doors in the base units, instead it uses three levels of drawers. This system provides a panoramic view of what is inside the drawers and makes accessing the contents easier, thereby making it more comfortable to cook and clean.

Freedom of movement

slide_santos-cocinas-ariane-2-estratificado-blanco-roble-comodidadU distribution: The U distribution creates a central space that does not interfere with movements in the kitchen. The extended worktop, provides an extra space for informal meals or breakfasts.

Integration and capacity


Substantial storage space
Apart from integrating the ovens and the fridge, the tall units offer plenty of storage space. The lower part is equipped with Santos’ new interior drawers which permit easy access so goods can be found quickly.

Discretion and comfort


Doors, exactly where you want them
In the wall units with swing-up doors, the door can be kept open in any position so that it doesn’t interfere with the work at hand. The continuous profile system allows the unit to be opened at any point.



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