Santos kitchens:
designed to help you

Functionality, ergonomy, versatility —
The study of the type of work undertaken in the kitchen affects the kitchen’s design because each task requires a specific solution. Santos’ aim is to make cooking an experience that is more comfortable, quicker, cleaner and satisfying: get to know us through our kitchens.

Lacquered INTRA

Trendsetting aesthetic solutions


Contemporary proposals for
classical environments


The elegance
of glass

Lacquered ÉPOCA

A renovated classic
for day-to-day life

Lacquered KARMEL

The kitchen, the heart of the home

Melamine ARIANE 2

Enjoy life in the kitchen

Melamine LINE-E

Tradition and trends in a welcoming space

Laminated SEDA

Spacious, bright and functional

Lacquered MINOS

An island in 20 square metres

Wood melamine MINOS-E

A space for cooking and sharing

Melamine UMBRA-E

The handle, reduced to a minimum expression

Laminated INTRA-L

Details that cannot be seen but can be appreciated

Laminated PLANO

Maximum functionality
without forgetting the aesthetics

Melamine MINOS-E

Uniformity for a cosy
and timeless atmosphere

Melamine ARIANE 2

Comfortable and peaceful atmosphere

Innovative and Stylish Solutions for Kitchen Cabinets in Dubai

Santos is a design company that specialises in providing modern creative interior solutions for kitchens in Dubai homes.

If you want a beautifully and smartly designed kitchen, the experts at Santos have the creativity, experience, and talent necessary to turn that idea into a real, tangible and useful space.

What makes up the ideal kitchens in UAE

An ideal kitchen design should make full use of the available space in an area. We will consult with you what essentials you need from the space, how do you plan to use it, and what style do you want to go for.

This will allow us to identify the best layout for the space in your UAE home, whether it is a simple set-up, or if it will be patterned according to an L-shaped or U-shaped layout, among other design options.

Knowing your requirements will also help us come up with the most appropriate storage and kitchen cabinets solutions for you. Taking your needs into account, Santos designers will draw a blueprint that includes use of overhead, base, wall, or custom kitchen cabinets in Dubai, as necessary.

Our edge over other UAE kitchen companies

Our expert designers at Santos will make sure you are involved throughout the process, especially in the creative phase.

We will identify your needs and preferences and come up with a design that wholly meets these requirements.

Simply let us know what materials, finishes, or designs you want, and we will incorporate it in the blueprint for your space. If there is a design you’ve seen on TV or in a magazine, we can adapt it to suit your requirements and available space.

You can rest assured that our interior solution recommendations will take your budget into account, so there will not be unexpected expenditures along the way.

Contact us for more information

Do you want to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen? Call us at +971 4 5516761 and we will be more than happy to discuss with you how we can get started. You may also visit our showroom in Dubai, UAE or Contact Us to get a clearer picture of our work quality and ethics.